Brand and Branding, what’s the difference?

I had a great conversation with a customer this week, talking about their company image and brand and the question was raised…

“What’s the difference between Brand and Branding?”

Business owners and some designers for that matter often get confused or misuse the words Brand and Branding when they talk about an organisations appearance or the way in which customers remember you, and how you made them feel.

So what are the main differences.

Well to start, one is a marketing tool and the other is an action.


A brand is a set of emotions that people or customers associate with an organisations name or product. It revolves solely around the customers experience and their emotional attachment. You don’t have total control over a persons perception of your business, however you can try to influence this by the way your business interacts and this might be a small part of your actions to build your brand.


Branding on the other hand is the process of creating marketing products and materials that an organisation use to create and underpin those emotional attachments. These might include items like your logo, strap line, a certain type of imagery and the series of marketing activities that your organisation undertake to get your name and message out there.

I work with businesses to create and develop their branding but it’s up to me to ensure I know who they are and their brand or how they’re hoping to be perceived by their customers as part of this to ensure their visual identity represents their values.

If you’d like to read more about building a brand and creating your company image, check out my 7 Steps to Marketing Success series.

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